Solar Systems

Ancient civilizations worshipped the sun - it warmed them, fed them, and was too bright to look at. We know a bit more these days, and yet still the unfathomable amount of energy our star emits largely goes to waste. Solar power has been used since the late 1800's. It became a major commercial focus in the 1970s with efficiency rising and prices dropping annually since then, making solar energy a viable source for modern societies.

After initially integrating solar panels into our standalone lighting solutions in 2010, UGE began selling solar panel arrays in conjunction with our world-leading line of wind turbines in 2011. These hybrid solutions have been successfully introduced to a variety of markets, from remote telecom stations to urban residences and warehouse roofs, and continue to grow in popularity.

Subsidy options abound across the globe, reducing purchase costs even further and shortening payoff time. The solar industry is also a major job creator, and government studies have predicted over 500,000 jobs created in the US alone by 2030. As competition increases, solar energy technology will continue to get cheaper, more efficient and easier to install. UGE remains at the head of the pack, and has the notable advantage of hybrid installation options for those areas where strong sunlight is not an assurance throughout the year.

UGE solar panels and hybrid solutions are excellent choices for both urban and rural customers, be they commercial developers, telecom managers or homeowners.










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