Wind Energy/Solar Energy
Financial incentives are available to soften the price of your purchase.

The US government offers a 30% tax credit towards the purchase of wind turbines smaller than 100kW. Several states have additional incentives available. The Database of State Incentives for Renewables & Efficiency lists the incentives state-by-state. US customers can follow this link to the appropriate form for residential energy credits. Several other countries also offer incentives.

Energy Saving Devices (KVAR EC)
Financial incentives by Federal, State and local governments are available to soften the price of your purchase. As well, many finantial institutions have loan programs available that will pay the loan just with the savings you made.

Solar Led Light Towers
High Return - On - Investment

Initial purchase price is higher but solar incentives may apply
-30% federal tax credit (U.S.)
-1st yr 50% accelerated depreciation (2012) (U.S.)
- State tax credits, sales & property tax exemptions (varies) (U.S.)





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