1st Step Wather Station


Accurately determine your local wind speeds, and wind direction. When it comes time to purchasing a UGE vertical wind turbine, this will allow you to choose the best site with the most extractable wind, and thus help to produce the most electricity. A cleaner planet can only be achieved one step at a time. The next step starts with YOU!

Allows you to predict the weather soon to come, or review your history. (Choose between hpa, inhg, or mmhg.)

We all love to know what the temperature is outside, but it’s equally important to know how it compares to the conditions inside. We therefore have incorporated both interior and exterior temperature reading, allowing an accurate assessment in your choice of each day’s apparel.




The more measurements we can take, the more accurately we can assess your local weather. The weather station precisely records humidity not just outdoor, but indoor as well.

We’ve all told someone, “it rained so much!” but how much is “So much?”

With this installed rain gauge, you can accurately assess the accumulation of rain. Then later review your data to determine historical numbers that apply to you.

By utilizing the various measuring equipment on this weather station, the computer is able to give you an accurate assessment of the weather to come. It’s like having a personal weatherman!

Wireless Receiver
All measurements are sent wirelessly from the weather station, to the handheld receiver. Allowing you to read all measurements from the comfort of your home.


Choose to for the option to have alarms go off based on user specified weather conditions. Let the handheld display tell YOU when it’s time to bundle up.

USB connection
Connect the handheld display to a computer via USB cable, and view your logged data over periods of time. What can be easier to read than a simple graph?

With the ability to control the specific day, date, and time, the display can accurately log data over periods of time. Offering the option to reviewed maximum and minimum measurements based on user specified time periods.

Quick assembly
We know you’re excited to get this anemometer up and running, so we’ve coordinated the manual step by step with assembly. Allowing one person to properly assemble this complete weather station in under 20 minutes with nothing more than a screw driver. 







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